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14 December 2016:




10th March 2016:

A Facebook page... at last!

We now have a FaceBook page, which can be found at

We look forward to seeing your comments and photo posts...


15th February 2016:

100 years since Battle of the Somme!

The Thiepval Memorial to the Missing, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and unveiled in 1932, is one of the main focal points of remembrance for the centenary of the Somme Battle of world war one. We are pleased to announce that our owner, Sir Keith Ceeney, will be attending along with the dignitaries from France and Britain. Unfortunately this does mean there will be no tours led by Sir Keith from 29 June 2016 until 5th July 2016.

Background to Thiepval.
The Somme Battle (or offensive) was to start at the end of June 1916 and was designed originally to be a joint operation between the French armies and the British army to push back the invading German army. Before the planning of Somme operation could be finalised, the French were in desperate need of troops in their 'meat-grinder' battle around Verdun and were unable to provide more than 3 Corps to the offensive. Planning continued, with French political pressure and British ineptitude, with inexperienced British Army & their Generals taking the lead, & France needed the Germans to be diverted away from Verdun!
(We need to remember before world war one Britain ruled the waves, with their navy! We had a small professional army that was almost completely wiped out in the first year or so of World War One)

Eventually, and after a much planned build up, and the infamous seven day barrage (which the German army simply hid in their dug outs from), 1st July 2016 arrived and the offensive started, with 19 underground mines being blown and the famous Kitchener's Army of volunteers advancing into an almost intact German full-time & trained army. By the end of that one day nearly 60,000 British and commonwealth troops were dead or wounded! Many dead had no known grave, they simply disappeared, some beneath the earth never to be found, and some vapourised by artillery fire. Of those that were fortunate enough to be buried in graves, many were lost in the later battles of the war never to be found. These are the soldiers names that are recorded on the Thiepval Memorial.

Outcome of the Battle(?)
Although famous for the 1st of July, the Battle of the Sommme continued as a battle of attrition for another four & a half months! By it's end the Allies had advanced just a few miles in some areas! To the British, the Somme Battle was a major event in history. It changed the demographics of villages & towns throughout Britain, where the men between 18 and 40 simply never returned. It also changed the political thought processes of the British Empire. The Empire realised Britain simply could not be trusted to be followed blindly, and this single offensive is thought by some to be the beginning of the end of the British Empire? Meanwhile in Britain this Battle woke up the sleeping giant of the working class man. The sheep were no longer going to be led to the slaughter willingly!
(However they were dragged unwillingly for many years after this battle!)

These were perhaps not the only results of what is often considered to be a 'Wanton waste of life". France was saved! Verdun was alleviated by Germans switching to the Somme region. Many Empire troops efforts were rewarded by a nationalism back home that brought about an independent awareness that eventually led to independence. Australia in particular, but also Canada and even India, the Jewel in the British Crown, started becoming self-aware at this time. Perhaps because of the slaughter inflicted on them by the British ruling classes and inept British Generals and politicians during this period, and because of deeds done by their countrymen in this battle.

"Perhaps we need to remember that many soldiers survive a war! It's not just about the dead heroes, it's about the surviving heroes too! That's why 100 years later our political leaders will be honouring the fallen of the Somme, but Sir Keith will also be remembering the sacrifice that the survivors, like Harry Patch and many others made too. "

"May we also remember the survivors of more recent wars too, and November 11th this year we will do that too!"
Sir Keith Ceeney (November 2015)

8th July 2014: BREAKING NEWS!

English Heritage have recently asked us to come to park at the visitor centre during our visits to Stonehenge, rather than use the Byways. Rather than get involved in the politics, we have agreed, for the time being, to bring our guests to "check-in" at the visitor centre... (and use the land-train). However we will still ask our guests not to visit the museum if they are offended by the Human Remains on display here.

If the lines are particularly busy or our guests are likely to be left in bad or wet weather with no shelter, we will seek an alternative tour route around the World Heritage Site and stay in our vehicles except for photographs.

Our owner, Sir, Keith Ceeney said, "I spoke in some depth with Ms Kate Davies at English Heritage Stonehenge, and she could not endorse or approve of the Byway being used to enter Stonehenge, and didn't approve of people not coming to the visitor centre at some time during there trip, and this original verbal agreement was now null and void! I can do nothing but conform with EH as they are in control at Stonehenge."

Sir Keith also added, "It is a distinct possibility that we may start to promote other exciting sites around the UK for the Winter season, instead of pushing on Stonehenge visits... Windsor Castle, Avebury, Salisbury, Bath and the Cotswolds are equally good days out and certainly if the weather is bad we will be taking our clients here instead!

I think we'll probably stop suggesting that clients buy advance tickets, except during the busy summer months."



THANKS FOR MAKING THE FLYING PURPLE PIG TOURS SUCH A SUCCESS! With our new agreement with English Heritage attracting plenty of interest from media and tourist alike, we are hoping to continue with this success for the rest of 2014!!

A big THANK YOU to all our guests who have made such an effort to share information about our services. As you may know we never advertise and run totally on recommendations from past clients. If you have travelled with us and haven't left a feedback about us online, please leave a message on a web-media travel site (TRIPADVISOR etc). Thanks again for such a great start to the year, we hope you all enjoyed touring as much as we loved showing you around our beautiful islands! Until next time...

February/March/April 2014: STONEHENGE  Inner Circle Access!
(see Going West Tours for details)

For all clients booked, or considering booking, an Inner Circle Access Tour with us for March and April 2014 please read the following notice. We may have to rope off a large section of the centre circle due to soil condition. Access within the circle is still available but will be limited by this roped off section. It should not spoil your visit. We also are advising all of our visitors for early access sessions to wear suitable removable wet weather clothing and bring along a set of sturdy footwear, or boots, as it is quite muddy and wet around Stonehenge.



We are planning to set up some new private tours into France & Flanders (Belgium) starting this year to commemorate WW1. The first type will be a Somme Battlefield Remembrance Tour and will be two nights/three days long. The second type will be a combined Ypres and Somme Battlefield Tour and will be three nights and four days long.

We are thinking that July, August, September and November will be the most appropriate this year, but are open for other times if we get enough response. We only have one world war one driver/guide for these tours, so availability may be an issue. (Should demand be significant we may look into hiring French based English speaking guides to meet up with our tours on arrival in Europe and using some of our other driver/guides from other UK tour routes?)

Canadians might be particularly interested in the Somme Tour as we will be visiting a Canadian Government run Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial site among other areas..

Places will be limited to 3 couples per tour, maximum of six passengers, and will be operated on a first deposit process. As for accommodation, we are looking at 3 or 4 star bed & breakfast hotels and we have already inspected and approved a Bed & Breakfast on the Somme Battle Region. We will be arranging more inspections in Belgium shortly to make our choice there, and will look into local guides at the same time.

Prices should be around 200-300 per couple including...
Transportation - (including ferry/Eurostar crossing)
Accommodation - Bed & Breakfast
Site visits (but not any entrance fees or main meals).
Guides - where necessary. this should be good value for money

Please contact us straight away if you are interested.

20th Jan 2014: EXCLUSIVE!!!


Flying Purple Pig Private Tours are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with English Heritage at Stonehenge to avoid using the new Land Train and Visitor Centre for our guests only. This will save our guests one hour in tour time, and will avoid them having to wait in all weathers for the trip to and from the new visitor centre.
Provided that we purchase timed tickets in advance* for each guest, we can now continue with our new world heritage site tour route and bring you directly up to Stonehenge circle, without the anticipated 2 mile excursion to the visitor centre.
Our owner, Mr Keith Ceeney said, "We are grateful to English Heritage for this provision and hope that this means our tours in 2014 will be even more successful in trying to understand and explain what we have recently discovered in this incredible World Heritage Site, rather than Land-Train our guests into the Stone Circle with just an audio guide.
*All guests to Stonehenge will have to purchase timed tickets in advance from English Heritage from March 2014 anyway. Walk-in guests will have to wait at the visitor centre for the next available time slot, so we had already anticipated having to purchase tickets in advance!

15 January 2014 - Chaos at Stonehenge reported. This is a report on ITV's website and posted on their facebook site... All can be avoided by travelling with Flying Purple Pig Tours and booking tickets through them in advance - don't say we didn't warn you and English Heritage.


08 Jan 2012: Windsor Walking Tours for 2013 Cancelled.

Parking for more than one hour in Windsor is now been restricted. This has caused us, with regret, to cancel the walking part of our Windsor tours when part of a multi-sight tour, such as our Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath tour.

We now will drop off and pick up our guests from Windsor Castle itself ONLY, thus cutting out the rest of Windsor. This means that we no longer visit the old station area, cafes and souvenir shops in Windsor. The Long Walk will now be part of the driving tour only. Those particularly interested in Magna Carta should instead look to our Salisbury Cathedral Tour option instead.

Our vehicles have always parked in Park Street, due to it's location close to Windsor Castle, the Long Walk, and the town itself. Our driver/guides are unable to park our minivans in the multistory car park due to parking bay widths and the car park in River Street is also quite tight, but also more importantly it is normally quite busy.

Park Street used to have longer parking time allowances, but we have been informed (off the record) that due to builders vehicles been left in parking areas for too long, Windsor and Maidenhead Council have changed their restrictions. Drivers have, until recently, been able to return & re-park on the hour, but apparently this is no longer acceptable to Windsor Parking Services.

11 Jan 2013: UPDATE:
Windsor council yesterday suggested to the press that we could park in the Coach Park in Alma Road. This shows exactly how the council does not understand the nature of the private driver/guide trade visiting Windsor. Coach tours normally have a separate driver, and a tour Guide can be dropped of at Castle Hill, near the Castle Entrance, with his group and the Coach drivers can then take their coach to the coach park until needed. We can not do this, our drivers are also the guides! This is why we can only include the Castle in our tour if we can not park in Windsor for the time needed.

11 Jan 2013: The Windsor Express takes up our story...
The Windsor Express has today highlighted our problems in Windsor. See HERE to read it now.

11 Jan 2013: Royal Borough parking manager pulling the wool over the public’s eyes!
In Neil Walter’s reply to Windsor Express's Justin Burns question about unclear parking signs, he stated “...what can be displayed on the street sign is limited by government rules.”. There are government rules regarding parking signs, but he is completely wrong about this being a reason for not putting ‘no return’ on the signs. In fact Government legislation states that signs must be clear and in a place where the public can see and understand them. Further to this, signs the Government approve of state "No return" and these should be used in cases similar to that of Park Street in Windsor.


  08 Jan 2012: Southwalk excluded for London Tours for 2013!

Difficulties in parking, and harsh penalties incurred during the latter part of 2012, in the Southwark Council area of London, has meant that we are now not visiting/stopping on the Southbank of the Thames. This includes the stretch from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to Tower Bridge during our London half and full day quick photo tours. Please be assured that we will still pass these sights for photo's as part of the driving route if required, but your driver has strict instruction not to stop for more than a few seconds for a photo. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The making of Harry Potter - Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
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