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Our clients on a sight seeing tour of London

Previous guests at Heathrow after a tour

Happy Guests sight seeing Dover on the way to a cruise

Private Personal Tours - Leave the coaches behind!
"With the 'Flying Purple Pig's Private Tours the choices are yours - you set the itinerary!"

Private tours for up to six guests...from just £150*
(Remember: Prices are per vehicle, not per person! Up to six can travel for the same great rate!)

Flying Purple Pig Private Photo Tours are designed for small groups of up to six passengers. The places you go can go are only limited by the time you have and your imagination. Whether you want to specifically see an individual tourist sight, like Stonehenge, Oxford, Bath, Windsor Castle or Steam Trains, or you want to see a combination of sights, such as Fairytale Castles or one of our 'Going West' Tours, we can help you design your own personal private tour... and relatively inexpensively too! Most importantly, our tours are at your pace and to your itinery!
Private Photo Tours start from just £36 per hour!*
(Prices are per vehicle, not per person! *Minimum tour is 3 hours)

(Click button above to see your private tour options).

*Plus entrance fees (if applicable)

En-route Tours - Fly the Purple Pig!
"With the 'Flying Purple Pig's Private Tours the choices are yours - you set the itinerary!"

Are you transferring to or from a London airport, hotel or cruise port?
Would you like to see something along the way?
Why just stare out the window as you rush past?
Why not book a transfer with our partners at, and request a en-route tour when you book? As their sole tour provider they will then arrange your transfer and en-route tour through us on your behalf.
En-route tours are just £36 per hour per vehicle (up to six guests) in addition to your transfer fare.
(En-route tours minimum 2 hour)

(Click button above to see your private en-route tour options).

*Plus entrance fees (if applicable)

Shared Tours - Share the Joy!

Make a share request or look at our current client share tour offers...
"With the 'Flying Purple Pig's Private Tours the choices are yours - you set the itinerary

These are requests by clients who want to share their private tour, and split costs, with others. No tour will be more than six passengers in total, and will still be a private tour.

If you would like to share a tour and costs with another small group - CLICK HERE for current share offers.
If you would like to place a share tour request for a different date than the ones we have please CLICK HERE to check dates on offer and for more details on how to place a request.

(Click button above to see current shared private tour options).

New Tours - Flying Purple Pig goes Continental!
"With the 'Flying Purple Pig's Private Tours the choices are yours - you set the itinerary

1914-1918 to 2014-2018


We are planning to set up some new private tours into France & Flanders (Belgium) starting this year to commemorate the World War One centenary.

The first type will be a Somme Battlefield Remembrance Tour and will be two nights/three days long.
Perhaps for one day following the action of the Civil Service Rifles (London 1/15th), and in particular Acting Sgt Hubert Frederick Jolly who was killed right at the 'forgotten' end of the Somme Battle (October 1916).
Canadians might be particularly interested in this Somme Tour as we will be visiting a Canadian Government run Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial site among other areas. Each tour will be tailor-made and set to see as much and relevent to your requests as possible..

The second type will be a combined Ypres and Somme Battlefield Tour and will be three nights and four days long.
Probably in July, August, September and November this year, but are open for other times if we get enough response.

We only have one world war one driver/guide for these tours, so availability may be an issue. (Should demand be significant we may look into hiring French based English speaking guides to meet up with our tours on arrival in Europe and using some of our other driver/guides from other UK tour routes?) Places will be limited to 3 couples per tour, or a maximum of six passengers, and will be operated on a first deposit process. As for accommodation, we are looking at 3 or 4 star bed & breakfast hotels and we have already inspected and approved the Bed & Breakfast accomodation on the Somme Battle Region. We will be arranging more inspections in Belgium shortly to make our choice there, and will look into local guides at the same time.

Prices should be around £200-300 per couple including...

  • Transportation - (including ferry/Eurostar crossing)
  • Accommodation - Bed & Breakfast (but not main meals)
  • Transport to all site visits (but not any entrance fees).
  • Tour/Driver Guide - where necessary. this should be good value for money

Please contact us straight away if you are interested.

Suggested sight seeing attractions: Stonehenge - Woodhenge - Salisbury - Magna Carta - Windsor Castle - Eton - Roman Bath - Oxford - Cambridge - Plane Flights - Duxford Royal Airforce Museum - Canterbury Cathedral - Rye - Laycock - Duxford - Cambridge - Cotswolds - English Castles - Leeds Castle - Hever Castle - Hampton Court Palace - London - Greenwich - St Paul's - Westminster - Buckingham Palace - Tower of London - London at War - Steam Railways - Old Railway walks - Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway - Bluebell Steam Railway - Kent & East Sussex Steam Railway & more...






THANKS FOR MAKING THE FLYING PURPLE PIG TOURS SUCH A SUCCESS! With our new agreement with English Heritage attracting plenty of interest from media and tourist alike, we are hoping to continue with this success for the rest of 2014!!

A big THANK YOU to all our guests who have made such an effort to share information about our services. As you may know we never advertise and run totally on recommendations from past clients.

If you have travelled with us and haven't left a feedback about us online, please leave a message on a web-media travel site (TRIPADVISOR etc).

Thanks again for such a great start to the year, we hope you all enjoyed touring as much as we loved showing you around our beautiful islands! Until next time...



Flying Purple Pig Private Tours are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with English Heritage at Stonehenge to avoid using the new Land Train and Visitor Centre for our guests only. This will save our guests one hour in tour time, and will avoid them having to wait in all weathers for the trip to and from the new visitor centre.

Provided that we purchase timed tickets in advance* for each guest, we can now continue with our new world heritage site tour route and bring you directly up to Stonehenge circle, without the anticipated 2 mile excursion to the visitor centre.

Our owner, Mr Keith Ceeney said, "We are grateful to English Heritage for this provision and hope that this means our tours in 2014 will be even more successful in trying to understand and explain what we have recently discovered in this incredible World Heritage Site, rather than Land-Train our guests into the Stone Circle with just an audio guide."

*All guests to Stonehenge will have to purchase timed tickets in advance from English Heritage from March 2014 anyway. Walk-in guests will have to wait at the visitor centre for the next available time slot, so we had already anticipated having to purchase tickets in advance!

Stonehenge & Wiltshire Tours still on track for 2014...

Despite incorrect rumours, Flying Purple Pig Tours are still offering our private tours of Stonehenge World Heritage Site throughout the 2014 Winter/Spring period.

The bad weather is not interferring, we are however expecting occasional strong local, Druid & Pagan Protests at Stonehenge and do not intend to oppose these protests.

Protest are due to the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre displaying ancient human remains taken from within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. We will continue with Stonehenge, but some of our driver/guides may choose not accompany you to the new visitor centre. - We will leave the decision to their discretion and personal preference. - We will NOT insist that they take you there, but we will not stop our clients from walking there if they choose to do so. We would however prefer if you did’t. - If English Heritage remove the Human Remains from their new Visitor Centre, we will of course revise the above information. We have no problem with replica’s being used.

The same advisory covers the Alexander Keiller Museumin Avebury, which houses ancient remains from the Avesbury site. Again, non of our guides will try to stop you from visiting, but would prefer if you didn't, and your guide may choose not join you.


Carnival Cruise Lines says three more of its ships will be offering its "Faster to the Fun" embarkation program including "Carnival Legend" from Dover, England...

Carnival Cruise Lines is expanding its “Faster to the Fun” program to three more ships this month — meaning clients who arrive when general boarding has already started can bypass the lines and head for the priority check-in and security lines. The program was launched last August as a test but has since expanded to most of the fleet.

The program costs $49.95 per stateroom and gives passengers priority boarding, exclusive security screening lanes, immediate stateroom access, expedited luggage delivery, priority dining reservations, priority tender access and choice of debarkation time...

This is great news if you want to take an en-route tour with us on the way to Dover, as you no longer have to wait about after your tour to get on board your ship for that Champagne or much need foot rub!!



Please note that 2013 multi-sight tours that include Windsor as part of your tour are currently restricted to Windsor Castle ONLY. This is due council parking restrictions!

(Note: Windsor and Eton (only) Tours are unaffected as we can still park in Eton.)

See Press Release for more...

  Private Transfers & Tour Services are provided by London Licensed Operator 891. We may also use other vetted licensed operators when demand is high.   Copyright 2014 KGC Group - 1431c High Road London N20 9HR Prices shown are correct as of Spring/Summer 2014 onwards...